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Posted 24th Oct 2022
Hello all,

Netflix will increase the subscription price by 40% according to the latest news. However, it is still cheaper than their offering in the UK. If you still want to take advantage then I put together a guide below:

What do you need?
VPN tunnel
Browser to access Netflix
Netflix Turkish gift card.

Current prices
Basic: 45.99 TL (£2.18
Standard: 69.99 TL (£3.32)
Premium: 93.99 TL (£4.46)

1: Navigate to Turgame and purchase a 100TL Turkish giftcard. The cost is £4.91 and if you purchase a basic subscription it will last you just over 2 months.

2: Turn on your favourite VPN and navigate to Netflix. You will see prices in Lira upon signing up.

3: During the payment phase select giftcard and paste the redeem code from Turgame.

Note: You will need to watch Netflix with a VPN for the 1st month as the content is region locked.

You can quit your current subscription, wait for it to end and enroll using the method above.
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    The Turks have been good to us in the UK.

    Unlike our own who have looked to exploit us at every given opportunity.

    Thank you Turkiyë
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    so this is basically a duplicate post??? because the critical information of 40% increase to what is the only reason i clicked, but u dont give us that info in your posting. = CLICKBAIT
    This is a quick read for when you are hit the can in the morning lad. It’s not rock science to work out the before price using quick and simple maths.
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    Where's this news? Is it going up again or is the 40% increase the 93.99TL price? (Premium)
    The price blasting to outer space lad.
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    Firestick updating payment seems to work still.
    how can i do? thanks
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    So there are currencies crashing even more than the £?
    Gbp not crashed
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    This aint a guide on how to convert to a Turkish netflix account because it doesn't even mention any of the IMPORTANT steps to get it to work.
    Anyone trying this method will soon be posting help me questions.
    The guide doesn’t cover that due to variables. But I have set the stage for you to develop a killer guide with all the IMPORTANT steps. (edited)
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    Bonus! I didn't know about Turgame, I was using G2A which is a quid or so more expensive for the 100TL giftcard. Bought enough to tide me over Xmas, and hopefully the exchange rate gets better by then
    can you stack codes? or can you only upload one at a time.
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    How do you watch through a VPN through the Netflix app on a TV or Xbox?
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    Similar is happening with my YouTube premium in Argentina its more than doubled.
    Where's that been communicated? Mine had fallen to £1.06 recently (from a high of £1.26)
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    Eh? 93.99 TL IS the increased price? It just went up this month, was £4.56 via Revolut for me yesterday (5p weekend conversion charge from Revolut).
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    Slots to YouTube premium available
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