Netflix on a VGA Projector?

Found 30th Oct 2016
Looking into the best way of doing this, the projector is only 1024x768 and only accepts VGA so whatever solution is suggested would need a HDMI to VGA with audio breakout, unless the suggested solution already has a VGA port on it!

My initial thoughts are an Amazon FireTV and the aforementioned adaptor.
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Not got any old pcs laying around? Even something quite dated could run Netflix at that low res
Its the convenience of a remote control that is appealing with the firetv/stick solutions.

I'm trying to make it as easy/intuitive as possible.
Any old laptops lying around? Pick up a dual core for pretty cheap these days I'd guess and use the VGA on that and pair it with a cheap remote like this:…941?hash=item1a04f3df2d:g:iYAAAOSw9N1V2wA~

Probably find one cheaper, that was one of the top results
Powered HDMI to VGA adapter and firestick or Chromecast?
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