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thoughts anyone
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    I guess it's protecting it's revenue stream...
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    BBC and TV Licence should be illegal.
    For me it's the fact that they've extended the licence to cover any live streaming. So according to them you need a licence if you watch a Youtube live stream. How can they possibly justify that? A Youtube live stream makes profit for the BBC?
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    49109570-UTWyf.jpg@The Guardian

    They have the nerve to call password sharing 'illegal'!
    anyone who understands corporation tax will know how meaningless that statement is
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    I guess that we’ll have to add sharing a password alongside downloading a car when it comes to the list of things that we shouldn’t do. (edited)
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    I just go to my friends houses, login to my services and then forget to log out
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    "There is no evidence to suggest any of the major streaming video operators in the UK would do this."

    "There is no evidence to suggest any police forces in the UK would open an investigation into someone for sharing their password to a streaming service."

    Of course not. That would be an utter waste of time and money and they know that.
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    I shared it in Turkey so I think I'm good
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    Out of principle I’d be willing to do the time. Imagine if Mandela gave in to the oppressors..
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    What's the time? Three months inside will see me through winter, free from the stress of food and energy prices.
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    So it's illegal to share something I've paid for.
    Will they be wanting a payment soon if people are visiting your house and watching it.
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    "What are you in for?"
    "I robbed a bank"
    "What about you?"
    "And you?"
    "I shared a Netflix password"
    (*audible gasps*)
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    After the outcry, the IPO updated their website and removed that line so password sharing was only illegal for a few hours.
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    Nonsense article.
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    Oh no....... Anyway.
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    It's a civil issue and with vpns, ability to hide IPS and Netflix allows you to use so many devices so that's several Mac addresses, they'd have to go some to prove it.. (edited)
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