Netflix saying "There is a problem with your payment method" when trying to renew

Posted 17th Jun 2020
I have been trying to renew my Netflix membership. I have been using a Turkish VPN to do this for over a year. I always let it run out and then re-subscribe manually. Just tried to do this and I got an error saying there is a problem with the payment method. I have tried 4 different cards and getting the same error with each one. Anyone else on HUKD had this issue? Don't really want to set up a new account as all my recommendations and watched shows will be gone but it seems that's the only option.
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Always use revolut and make sure the money is in to pay as many people have problems subscribing to Netflix now..

You may have just mucked it up and have to pay uk price..
Why would you let it run out and subscribe manually?
I'll like to take a slot if there's one going. Thanks.
My monthly subs are still going out from my Revolut card at TL41.99 per month.
My revolut card has expired and I am unable to use the new one when adding. I keep getting an error. I guess this loophole is gone.

Shame I have a PayPal account linked to it but I can't choose PayPal as my payment method.

You can always pay £5.99 each month for basic on day 1, upgrade to premium on day 2 and downgrade to basic again before the next month, then rinse and repeat.Billing in GBP obviously not quite as cheap and for two days/nights you have only 1 screen and SD viewing but half price is half price!
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figured it out.

used HOLA free vpn extension on my chromebook and selected netflix and turkey when i opened it. then logged into netflix, updated the old card with new cards numbers. saved and it worked.
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