Posted 3 January 2023

Netflix Turkey Help

Have had a Netflix account running on Turkish gift cards for the last year and it's worked great.

I am now down to the last few TKL on the gift card and renewal is in a couple of weeks.

The backup payment card on the account has expired, and I had no luck updating it.

Am I ok to load a few more TKL gift cards on the account?

I know there are other threads, but seems to be a bit outdated, so looking for next solution
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  1. Conkers816's avatar
    "I didn't read the other threads so I'm just going to declare them outdated" ..

    I've changed my payment method multiple times via live chat over the past few months. Still works fine.
  2. Madforit's avatar
    I’m in the same boat as others and need to update payment details.
    I have an LG tv and a PS5 but don’t have the option to update the payment method.
    Do I need to miss a payment for the card info prompt to appear?

    Uridium's avatar
    My payment had failed as my revolut account had not auto topped up so my Netflix account was on hold, this forced the PS5 app to take me to payment update screen.
    So wait for your payment to fail and you should be able to update on the PS5
  3. Uridium's avatar
    I had to update my revolut card on my TK Netflix a few days ago, no joy on pc or phone as it wanted a TK phone number for verification so I installed the Netflix app on my PS5 and it allowed me to update on there without requesting phone verification .
    HellriderUKDeals69's avatar
    Netflix app on Nvidia Shield doesn't allow you to input payment method. Is there any workaround?
  4. sm9690's avatar
    I add a new turkish gift card every 6 weeks or so and don't even have a backup payment method and had no problems
    ddotp's avatar
    I'm really struggling to add a Turkish gift card from an Android phone. Tried Chrome and Edge, using VPN Unlimited and Urban VPN. Can anyone help me please
  5. Madforit's avatar
    I’ve recently tried to update my expired payment card but the furthest I got was the Turkish mobile number verification stage. At that point I cancelled the updating process.
    What I do remember is that when I activated my new Monzo card, I was told by Monzo themselves that they would try to update my card on any linked paid services, for me.
    At 3.42am this morning, a transaction by Netflix was successfully accepted without me updating any payment method myself. (edited)
  6. ddotp's avatar
    I'm struggling getting my account to accept a Turkish gift card. Tried 3 vpns & 2 browsers. Netflix chat no help. Any advice much appreciated
  7. T-MiC's avatar
    Where is the cheapest place to buy Turkish Netflix cards?
    GapsOfTheGod's avatar
    Not sure. I paid £6.10 for 100 TL though, through G2A, yesterday.
  8. Deccydoda's avatar
    Getting exhausing reading how easy of a time everyone seems to have setting this up and I have to go through the same live chat process for a few hours over multiple CS advisors every month :'(
    HellriderUKDeals69's avatar
    Is it really worth spending hours to save few pounds? Time is money.
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