Netflix Turkey Payment Method

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Posted 28th Apr 2021
Hey guys, I’ve had an account before but that went so I’ve rejoined. I mainly came to ask this question as it was here I found the vpn Netflix deal/thing/Konami code

My starling card expired and when I tried to update the details...errors like others I have seen mention. I’m yet to see a definitive loophole/workaround this issue. Are Slipknot right?
All Hope is Gone. Has Netflix caught on and now making it hard/impossible to update card details? I’ve seen posts about gift cards and update payment info forms. Unfortunately this hasn’t worked for moi. Is it time for me to suck it up and either pay £13.99 (joining a group isn’t ideal as there’s more than me etc) or just have a relationship with Prime Video & Disney+?

Anyway cheers for having a gander at my question.
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