Netflix Turkey VPN Revolut issue

Posted 8th Sep 2019
Im getting an error...
'There appears to be a problem with the payment method you are trying to use.'
Its a virtual card. I've tried a physical one with N21, same message appears. & yes, i am using a VPN, in case you overlooked the title!
Can someone help?
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Is your card turned on for online transactions?
Same issue here, seems like they patched it
I seem to remember reading they patched it.

One trick may be to load up your card with lire. I know with the revolut card if it's converted to euro on the card then foreign atm's and shops just see it as a local euro debit card.

You often get surprised comments from shop owners etc saying you might have to select payment in euro etc.
Also foreign banks atm will usually just go into the native language mode.

Can't say it will work mind you as I conned Netflix a good few years ago using starling card.
Didn't think you needed a VPN once the account had been setup, could that be the problem?
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Thanks for your help, but i've given up & gone back to paying normally lol
Yes looks like they have patched it for revolut. Has anyone tried the normal credit card from nationwide/Halifax etc
I assume it still works with debit card payments?
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