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Thinking of getting my parents something to plug in to their tv that will give access to netflix and maybe other things like iplayer etc. I would need to have wifi connectivity as the tv is not next to the router and plug in and play would be great (can you get hdmi powered sticks?)

I'd be happy to set it up myself and then repackage it for gifting, any ideas on this sort of device? some sort of android hdmi thing?

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How about a smart blu-ray player?

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they have a dvdr already, was thinking of something in a much smaller form factor


Do they have an Android or iOS phone? If so a Chromecast is a perfect option and as the RRP is £30 is affordable. It can be powered either via a USB port on the TV or by plugging the USB cable into the wall adaptor they provide. Its a fairly simple setup and then you open the streaming services app on your phone, click the cast button and the chromecast then directly fetches the stream. Your phone then just becomes the remote but as the device pulls it directly you can turn the phone off if you wished.

If they dont have a android or ios phone they will need something with a remote and there are currently 3 real options in the UK. Roku, Amazon and Apple. Neither has the full service of streaming services but all have Netflix and iPlayer.

The Amazon FireTV is the most powerful option. Its £79 and if they have Amazon Prime its the only real option at the moment. Obviously its focused on pushing the Amazon eco system, specially prime, digital purchases/rentals from them and their other digital services but the a number of other services are available including Netflix, iPlayer and Demand Five. If the have a Fire Tablet it can also cast the screen of this to the device

Apple TV is the most oldest hardware but still performs pretty well and if you are tied into the Apple ecosystem already its the only option to play these or stream from an ipad/iphone. They cost £79

Roku perhaps has the widest range of services, only really missing Amazon (even has Google play) but its also the most complicated platform to buy a device as they have so many models. Personally I would rule out anything but the Roku Stick or the Roku 3. The others arent receiving all the service and app updates and apps that move to using HTML5 can be sluggish on the other models (if they get the upgrade). Even the stick can be sluggish. The Stick costs £49 and the Roku3 £99 but the Roku3 especially can be had for less. The Stick itself can be a little sluggish on HTML5 apps but the price difference is pretty big. The big downfall with Roku is the company is completely US focused and we in the UK get an eco system that isnt as good as the US (the lack of global search is especially annoying, in the US if you search for a title it shows results for all services in one interface so you dont have to load each service and search one by one but ours misses that feature) It should also be noted that Sky as well as other Sky related companies of News International and Fox have purchased significant stakes in Roku and there is some indication that unless services that rival Sky products were already available before this stake was bought that Sky can block them from from being added to European devices. No-one knows for sure about this but its potentially an issue (They certainly blocked Netflix from their NowTV box which is a rebadged version of one of the earlier Roku boxes

You can use home plugs to negate the distance from the router

How about the new Minix Neo X8-H Plus Quad Core Android Smart TV box 2GB RAM - 16GB ROM - XBMC
Verified UK Minix Ebay Seller has Factory sealed stock - £114.85 with FREE Click & Collect from your local Argos.

fire tv all the way im telling ya its soo so good
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