netflix with sky?

Posted 17th Mar

Is the netflix subscription that sky offers is same as the netflix subscription from them ? WHat is not included if we take netflix with sky ?

THank you !
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Netflix is Netflix. I have it through Sky and it's just the same.

I Love Netflix and watch so much on it. Go for it.
You'll get the same content but there are different tiers in terms of the maximum number of simultaneously streams, 4K etc.
Look at Netflix to see the various tiers then compare with Sky.
It's part of the ultimate on demand package which gives access to Netflix and sky box sets, you get the uhd package which allows 4 users at once your existing Netflix account if you had one is the same you just pay sky instead of Netflix, I managed to get a deal with sky for 3 quid a month for 18 months
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Once thing to note, when I spoke to Sky recently you cannot get the Netflix 4K package without their higher spec box and they wanted an extra £100 + £4 per month from me.
Netflix from Sky is basic SD Netflix £5.99 package unless you pay Sky for the HD or UHD element of the subscription. So actually more expensive through Sky than direct.
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