Netgear MP101 or simular

I got a really good deal on one of these a while back at currys. Don't seem to be able to get any thing sub 45+ postage even on ebay sniping etc. Anyone know where I can get a good deal? I love having wireless music and U need two more to complete my setup. I'm considering other devices (no TV required versions) if anyone can reccomend one as I see there are a few around. If you know of any I would love to know.



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I've switched to twonkyvision and tversity. At the moment I run both as I still have mixed file types. I plan to convert them all to MP3 at some point. I think I may end up using tveristy as that seems to be making good ground and is free.

I recently started using napster, but found you can't stream the music as it needs a device that can read/decode protected WMA. I'm hoping there will be a new flash for the MP101 soon. I supidly tried using window media server as I thought that would do it and then stream unprotected, it crashed my machine

The WMA11 is cheap, but looks like it needs a TV too. I'm tring to get away with just a remote.

I am starting to use twonkyvision on SLUG so not familiar with Windows things. I am not interested in music but rather in video, so can't really comment on whether WMA11 will suit you. You probably right as it is got no screen to select track, so it must be connected to telly.

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Hi, I'm using for music only. I guess if I could find a cheap source of small tellys then it would be a goer and would be able to play vids if need in the future.

I'm running the server on my main machine, I plan to use a bitsa I have under the desk when I get round to it. I guess it will have whichever operating system the server needs. Whats SLUG?

SLUG is Linksys NSLU2 : linksys.com/ser…per

In short, this is small (a bit bigger than pack of cigarettes) device with Intel XScale inside and running Linux. You can attach any USB hard drive to it and install some interesting applications like iTunes server, Twonkyvision, Asterisk, etc.
Take a look here:

Major idea of getting SLUG for me was ability to create standalone mediaserver. No PC is required to stream video/music. And it is completely silent.

BTW, Linksys can't play video. You need something like DLink DSM-320 or Buffalo Linktheatre to do so. Or, ditch the whole idea of mediaserver and get Freecom Mediaplayer 35 Kit. This thingie can simply browse your network shares and play DVD ISOs, Divx and music out of it.
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