Netgear or Belkin

    I have o2 contract broadband. I want to get a better router so i get connection all over the house. Is belkin surf+ better to get or NETGEAR DGN2200 Wireless Modem Router? dont want to spend more than around £65.


    dont you have an o2 best wireless box ?

    its an n router so should be better

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    i have the o2 wireless box II not the best!

    Netgear any day!

    My router is brilliant, also a N router, I have the DGN2200

    another one for netgear, I didnt like the Readynas drive, but my modem router has lasted 5 years, no problems and still going.

    Im thinking about getting a router to replace this terrible box that O2 sent me to replace my Wireless 2. I thought the IV was better, but how wrong was i.

    Out of those two i would go for the Netgear.

    another vote for netgear, but do reseach into you 02 box first, some of them are thompsons and possibly can have functionality extended by flashing the original firmware

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    Netgear any day!My router is brilliant, also a N router, I have the … Netgear any day!My router is brilliant, also a N router, I have the DGN2200

    So, do you know what the coverage is like and speed of downloads, gaming for ps3? Does it take the phone line broadband?


    Depends how technical you are to be honest.

    I get excellent signal three floors up (in attic) with my WRT160N and transfer speeds of around upto 3mb/s i.e. 24 meg (mbps), some config problem - i should be getting better speeds.

    Anyway this cost me: £15 + £7 = £22 or so £7 for extra antenna and antenna cable - which I soldered inside. Plus modification with DD-WRT. It's a cheap router and at that price I can hardly complain.

    You can do 1 of two things:

    1) Turn your O2 router into a bridge follow this guide: http//no…-ii also works with the newer wireless box iv. Then you can use a Virgin Media (Cable) router with your wireless network.

    2) Buy a ADLS2+ router as you propose.

    I like option 1 because I don't need to rely on the ISP box, which has limited configuration options. And at £65 you could get a Linksys WRT320N or if you are lucky WRT610N (from ebay), which are both far superior than the DGN2200. The DGN2200 is not dual band, which is a total must if you are looking to pay that much, dual band should offer faster speeds as it's less crowded.

    If I was paying £65 - I'd want it to be dual band.

    belkin from me.... last 2 netgears have gone faulty, exactly the same fault on both them.... wireless works perfect but when you plug LAN cable in the light just flicker really quick and pc doesnt pick up network connection.

    Also belkin comes with excellent warranties

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    HELP PLEASE... from anyone more technical out there - i have received my DGN2200 netgear. i have set up via the cd and my network is visible and connectable however there is no internet access.
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