Netgear WGR614 V7 Wireless Router Access Point Help, please???

Found 1st Apr 2012
hey guys basically i bought a second hand netgear router off ebay for my friend who lives in a student accomodation and has fixed internet, but we have been trying to set up a wireless router as an access point?

The company has given us instructions from here:…nt/

However for some reason it does not work, I have reset the router by holding the button for 30 seconds and following the steps from the site above, but it still does not seem to work?

I am abit puzzled as the router does come on, but did not come with any cd or anything, it just came with ethernet cable and plug.

Any ideas? please help
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the instructions seem self explanitary, where you going wrong?
The main point is:-
Make sure DHCP is turned off.

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I have no idea :s I have followed it, but for some reason it just does not seem to work. DHCP has been turned off aswel. the one thing I find wierd is step 10? where it says connect ethernet to another lan port rather than internet port. I have even set a new ssid and password under a wpa connection but nothing works :S.

Is there anything that i am missing? or anything else I can try?

Your ethernet connection from Ask4 must plug into a LAN port, pick a … Your ethernet connection from Ask4 must plug into a LAN port, pick a middle one to be sure ;)So you have wireless access to the router admin page via wireless? What is the IP that Ask4 issues?

hi sorry but I dont get what you mean haha? I still cant get this work btw any ideas?
oh ok I will check this tommorow as I am not at the property at the moment, what should it be? or (if i give that to you? can you not hack me lol) haha

your going to have two IP's actually...interior and exterior
Interior should be something like is your network and is first available which runs to with .255 being your broadcast address.
Subsequently typing should bring you to the interface of your gateway.
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