netstat command !

    im on vista but cant remember what i put in on the command line to show all TCP connections i just know its netstat- somert any body know what it is?




    actually theres no point you posting because if you type in netstat it will give you the options anyway loll

    think someones piggying ya connection or summat?

    just netstat will give you the list, usually appending -h or -? will give you the help page


    the porter;5401202

    cheers guys is 5 or 6 established tcp about normal for vista

    cant say. it just shows you what you are connected too.

    so for example. if you go youtube, it wont only show a connection for youtube but what youtube links aswell if that makes sense. ill have to find a link for you which does make alot more sense.
    even if you cross off the internet, it will still show one or two live connections.

    what is your main concern? hack? virus?

    Do your numbers include ports that are being listed to as well as active connections?
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