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Found 18th Jan 2007
just wondering if anyone has seen/knows of any good deals on NAS external hard drives?

basically i need somethin over 200gb, preferably around £100 mark, but as cheap as possible... just want an external hard drive that i could connect by usb or connect to my router by ethernet so i can access it round my home (i think thats what NAS are for...? :?)

any help much appreciated,
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Here ya go!

200gb of Network Storage...

]Hard Drive

Just connect it up direct to your router and you can access the data ANYWHERE on your network.

Also space for another drive in there! :-D

Delivered for Total: £111.28
The Netgear SC101 is not NAS, it is SAN (Z-SAN to be precise). You must install drivers for it.

If all the OP need is 200GB, then you can get ATMT 363N 250GB disk off Amazon for £71.99 + delivery (this is sold by ATMT themselves, hence delivery).
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