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    I need some help to find out which network card can go in my laptop. I need a card that supports WPA2 security encryption. The laptop i have is an IBM ThinkPad T42. Can anyone tell me either: what type of card goes in it, or, find a card that will work and supports WPA2. Rep will be left

    Note: i want to replace the internal card, not add one in the side that sticks out.


    i guess you will need a pci card i would get a netgear as they are the msot reliable

    according to a review on this model it should have built in wifi and in this day and age thought wpa was pretty standard, check your manual maybe all it requires is a driver update

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    Its got an HP WLAN network card in there which is strange as it should be an IBM or Intel one. Anyway it does not support WPA and i was wondering if there was another one which did support WPA and would fit this laptop.

    had a quick look at the ibm site and appears to be a mini pci card, not sure if this is easily accessible though check the manual.
    are you sure its not wpa? there is at least one mention of someone setting their adapter to use wpa on the ibm forums
    ibm have some decent networking software go to the website and have a look…727 I just found a PDF file on this one that says it supports "802.1x WPA" - not sure if that is what you need or not though.…189

    LinITX is your best bet though, they deal in small hardware hehe.


    Found one: (Hardware Encryption TKIP, AES CCMP, WPA2 EAP, WPA2 PSK, WPA EAP, WPA PSK, WEP)…268 = Information…736 = In stock

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    PhearFactor;2969700 = Information = In stock

    Thanks mate. If i go for one it will be this. But will it defo work in my laptop though?

    You should be able to take a look at the mini-pci card in your laptop by simply removing a panel on the bottom.

    You should be able to see if it matches the cards in the pictures on the above websites (it most likely will, but its always a good idea to check).

    Usually looks a little something like this once you take the right panel off.

    If you Google your laptop name/model number and how to change mini-pci wireless card, you may well find a guide on how to do it with pictures and instructions.

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    thanks again mate :thumbsup:
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