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    Just bought a cheapo laptop which is fairly old. It doesnt support WPA or WPA2 which is what my home network has. Was wondering if anyone knew where to get a cheap one from. Not looking to spend a fortune. Hopefully under £20-£30. Any help would be appreciated.


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    Just a thought and might be worth looking into before you invest in a new card/adapter...

    It will probably be the network card driver that doesn't support WPA/WPA2. It's possible that you might find you can download updated drivers for the network card.

    Also, if you are using XP SP2 you will need to download the WPA2 patch from Microsoft if you want to use WPA2. Or if using SP1 it doesn't support WPA2 at all. If using SP3 it's all included.

    Failing that, if your laptop has a USB connection I would recommend a Belkin wireless 2.0 network adapter, you should be able to pick one up from for under £15

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