Network Drive (NAS) - cost effective solution

    I am on the look out for a cost effective solution to enable me to access a drive on my network for the following

    1. Access / backup from 2 x PCs and a laptop
    2. Access for streaming to my Xbox 360
    3. In the future for internet radio streaming
    4. Possibly connect an existing Lacie USB drive that has MP3s on, onto the network

    I am running a mixed Xp/Vista system with a Netgear wireless router, I have all things connected to others over the network but want to be able to turn the PCs off when streaming to laptop/Xbox 360.

    Hope that makes sense....options I have looked at at Lacie (what is the difference between Network Space and Internet Space?), Buffalo, Qnap....... seems a few options but prices from £100 to over £200.

    Any advise will be appreciated...especially getting something that will stream well to the Xbox.

    Thanks, markluk


    Get yourself an old laptop and hook everything up to it, thats what I have done. You can configure it as a very basic file server, low energy and silent. Ok its not the fastest or greatest solution but it fits in to a small space and didn't cost much. Check ebay for a good second hand one.

    Works well backing up everything and streams to 3 x-boxes around the house.

    Microsoft have produced a version of windows to act as a home server.

    It is called Windows Home Server.

    It can run on a basic PC with no monitor required (you can conect to it from a remote PC).

    I have not got around to installing it yet so dont know if it can do everything you want, but it may be worth looking in to.

    More here…spx

    you can pick up a Thecus 299 from fleabay pretty cheap (sub £100) and it has an active mod community who write modules for it to do most things you would probably want from a NAS device...
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