Network Hard Drive

    I am looking to purchase this hard drive for my wireless network at home.
    Has anyone got any other recommedations.
    I am looking for one that will power up without the need of an adaptor.
    This is the cheapest i could find it too.…koo



    I am looking for one that will power up without the need of an adaptor.

    What does that mean? Do you need PoE (power over Ethernet) network drive? Haven't seen such thing in my life (although someone could be making these).
    There are some USB bus powered drives but these are normally 2.5" (and smaller) disks.

    Or does just mean device must have built-in power supply?

    If power isn't a part of equation, then try ]Linkstation .

    Original Poster

    I meant it should have built in power without the need of an adaptor.
    Whad do u think of the freecom (link above)

    I am not big fan of Freecom stuff, so I am biased here
    And Linkstation is much better - this is gigabit device with built-in UPnP media server.
    Or you can buy Slug (Linksys NSLU2) and attach two USB drives to it.

    looking for similar advice. Have an XBOX 360 but streaming from my PC video files are getting jerky because of the limited signal over the network. If I was to get a NAS device, connect to my router, which is much closer to the XBOX, would this work better for streaming video?
    Or is it possible just to plug a NAS device into the XBOX and stream content to it from the router? Basically looking for a way to play HD media on the XBOX without constantly plugging an external hardrive or connecting by an ethernet cable.
    getting into complicated territory for me.

    Personally I've never seen a NAS box that didn't need an external power supply. As someone has said some 2.5" external disks draw their power from the USB port, but these have much less capacity. I've never seen a 2.5" disk that draws power over Ethernet.

    3.5" disks like the one posted by the OP always require an external power supply because of the power demands of 3.5" drives.

    Good luck with the search.
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