Network Hard Drive (NAS)

    I am desperately looking for network hard drive to connect to my router.
    I purchased the following only to realise when i received that it needs main power.…153

    I am looking for a network drive with no mains power so it powers it self up.
    Does anyone have one of these or have any recommendations please



    I never came across NAS with PoE option. Don't think you can get such thing on general market.

    Unless it's a 2.5" drive, good luck finding an ethernet (network) drive enclosure that's got power without a mains adapter. This is assuming you are trying to provide power using USB. Unless of course you are looking for a POE (Power over Ethernet) external hard drive, which I've never seen.

    To be perfectly honest you are probably going to have to buy something, which requires a mains power. The best I have ever used, and I've used a few, for basic network storage for home/small office is called a NetDisk by Ximeta ([url][/url]). Unlike most of the other ones out there (Linksys, Netgear, etc) they do not use a proprietary disk format, which is key if you ever need to plug the drive directly into a computer for troubleshooting or file recovery direct form the disk.

    Hope this helps.

    Original Poster

    I am looking for one that can power over the internet

    Short answer = Good Luck :-(

    Hi nkhan

    Interesting problem you have there, mate. After a bit of digging, I've found the following products.…232…091

    There are PoE injectors/splitters. The latter is rated at 125W, and should easily run some of the smaller NAS drives out there. The only complexity would be to mate sure that the polarity and voltage match the NAS drive. But with a bit of digging, that should be no problem.

    Another thought would be to use your mains circuit as a network, using this:…y=0

    (Although, better and cheaper can be found elsewhere. This is just an example)

    It can be used to connect your router to the mains supply and will distribute the network anywhere in your building, so you could move your NAS drive to somewhere that's got power. This would give you a larger choice of drive than using POE and may be more reliable.

    Let me know your thoughts and perhaps I can recommend something else.

    Original Poster

    Thanks the kanester

    Very helpful, will bear this in mind.
    I was sure i had seen a drive out without the need of a adaptor, i think it was a buffalo.
    I think i wont bother with the hassle of all of this. Getting to complicated.
    I appreciate all your help with my dilemma.

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