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    I have a few printers that I use 24 hours a day via a desktop PC over USB. I want to start controlling them wirelessly with a laptop... They are all network compatible...

    My printers are about 100ft from the wireless hub so I was thinking (uh oh) Can I buy a Network hub, then some of them 200mbps powerline adapters and connect the hub to them and the other end to my BT Hub and then use my printers wirelessly?

    Does this make sence?

    Any ideas?

    I can use the desktop anymore as I don't have the space for it and I need to be able to print from my Laptop....



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    Another option I had was to buy one of the tiny dell studio hybrid PCs and have that controlling the prints but I'd still need to be able to print from the laptop

    when u say the printers are all network compatible what do you mean?, they have ethernet ports in?, if so the simple answer is yes you can.
    If the printers are all usb only then no you can't do that.

    Make and model of the printer would be a good start.

    The Hybrid could function as a printserver (I have one sitting here doing just that as well as a lot of other functions), the laptop could print directly to the printer and use it as if connected to the PC. However that's a waste of a PC if that's all it's doing, instead I'd be looking at a wireless printserver depending on what printer you have. This plugs into the printer and allows you to print to the printer wireless in much the same as with the Hybrid but a simpler device.

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