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what i have now
i have my adsl modem router upstairs
master socket downstairs, what goes to a socket upstairs then extension lead to my room router is there....

what i want to do
want to put the modem on the master socket as it is faster. will buy new adsl router gigabyte soon.
take lan cable through wall out side straight up into my room wall lan sockets on the walls so it will look neat.. then a gigabyte switch in my room only has to have 4 but 8 is fine.... (as i need couple of lan connections)

i have enough of this cable is it good enough

i dont have
no ends on the cables(do they have to be right ones) or crimps tool can buy if cheap enough.... i do know a friend who would know how to do i just like to do it my self if i can.
no socket plate will need 2.. not looked up encase i have use correct ones for the cable
no sockets

would it be fast enough as on gigabyte connection... 1 ps3 connected and a computer later i might get a das like netgear or something but not for a while also be in my room.
most of the times the computers in the house be on the wireless....


Are you going to protect/shield the cables running on the outside wall? It should be fast enough if on gigabit, instead of buying a new router, just get a gigabit switch, connect switch to router, then run cable from switch to upstairs.
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Original Poster

i dont know, thats why i was asking. if im better off having cat6 out side with shielding. i think this cable is able to do gigabyte

the router is old and linksys wag54.... i want wireless N and might as have gigabyte on it. plus its old, been dropped few times and cant have aerial on it any more

more hoping to have from modem to wall then upstairs wall to giga switch then to ps3 and open ports to connect odd computer comes and goes and later maybe nas netgear on as well

could just not bother with the sockets just thought it look much nicer and when move out still be ok...

Original Poster

so what type sockets would i know where from...
tool or tools
or different ways

other than i would like the switch upstairs as that's where i need the extra ports and less wires going from down stairs to up stairs.
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