Network Unlock iPhone 4.1 02.10.04

Found 2nd Dec 2010
hi just purchased a iphone 4 on o2 but need to get it unlocked.
o2 dont currently unlock iphone 4's so need to jailbreak unlock it

how do i go around doing this?
do i downgrade my baseband 02.10.04? or downgrade 4.1? hif so, how?
ive googled it but ive had no luck

can anyone help me??

thanks in advance
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You cannot unlock this by jailbreaking it yet as ultrasnow does not support it...yet. You cannot downgrade the baseband, you may be able to downgrade to 4.1 but even so the baseband will remain the same (so its pointless). All you can do is to hold tight and wait for the dev team to release an unlock for this particular baseband. :-(
i checked the o2 website, they dont unlock the iphone 4 yet i think? unkess you got a link.

btw thanks for the reply hussaiz1
i filled in the form but o2 replied saying they cant unlock the iphone 4
Just did a quick google search as my friend has the same issue.....…166
keep trying some ppl have had success after trying numerous times
thanks for that.. il keep trying the form

but when do you think the jailbreak unlock will come out?
no idea when but from looking at various sites it will be soon, but how soon? .. i dont know.

thedealsealerPlease take a look at this … thedealsealerPlease take a look at this

yeah seen it mate

thanks for the update
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