How the hell do you do it?

    I've got a netgear WGU624 Wireles router, NetgearWG602 Access point and a tiscali issued Sagem [email protected] 800 E3 now i fought this would b all i needed but im not sure can any1 help me out by telling me wat else i need 2 buy or how to install dis stuff

    Thanks a lot any help much appreciated


    It sounds like you've got all you need James. You need to connect the Sagem modem to the DSL line and the router to the Sagem as far as I understand and that should be it.

    You will need to configure the router according to the instructions of course.

    First of all put your Sagem to nearest bin. Just kidding really.
    However, you can't use this modem with your router as it is using USB. You need either:
    1. Plug modem to PC and configure PC as a router. OR
    2. Get rid of Sagem and buy Ethernet-enabled ADSL modem (or wired ADSL router that is capable to work in ADSL bridging mode). OR
    3. Replace router with ADSL-enabled model. Such as DG834GT, for example.

    I am also not convinced that your Access Point can work as a client and not server. I need to read user guide for it Time is usual problem.

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    Thanks a lot for your indepth analyse you 2, Kommunist I much appreciate the 1st option you dettailed due to the low price. Yet i unfortunately dont know how to configure a pc as a router and i know its a lot to ask but if possible could you or anyone who reads this thread tell me how i can configure a PC as a router as i am oblivious.

    Thank you very much every1

    As usual, a lot of questions

    How many PCs do you have? Should they be connected wirelessly or via cable? Do you understand that if your primary computer (the one with USB modem attached) is off, then no othet computer can access Internet?

    BTW, you can buy network ADSL modems really cheap today - roughly 20 quid. I would rather spare the hassle and go for this option. Unless you want to become network engineer of course

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    IF I BUY THIS ADSL modem then will i be able to use my wireless networking with the main pc off

    Yes. In theory.
    You Access Point seem to support Client mode, so you should be able to use it as wireless card, as long as you configure it properly.
    As to modem, when you'll decide which one do you want, take a look at its spec (or read User Guide) and check whether it is supporting ADSL bridging mode. If it doesn't you can still use it but you may have problems with some applications namely VoIP and P2P.

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    Would a BT VOYAGER 205 work?


    Should do. I am not sure whether it can work in bridged mode though.
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