iv got a linksys wireless g router (wrt54g),and a linksys wireless pci adaptor in my bros computer already,been there for ages.

    i just up the router with MY pc in the loft,iv got the ntl modem connected to the internet hole onn the router and then iv got the pc connected with an ethernet cable to my router,im going to be connecting a my xbox premium to the router with an ethernet cable later when i get one,is this the correct way to set it up.

    heres the aquad part,so basically my computer upstairs and xbox is connected to the router ,its WIRED.but in the room below me,my bro has a computer with a linksys pci adaptor in the back of it, from ages ago.the problem is though,we have unistalled it because we wasnt using,but now we need it.will i need the software or will pci adaptor automatically pick it up,or will we have to do something with it.

    iv installed the router disk on my computer,do i need to install it on my bros computer in the room below.

    if im confuused whats the best solution to getting this sorted out


    You don't need to install any software to use router at all.

    I take it the 'pci adaptor' is wireless PCI card? Then you need to install drivers for it but not for the router.

    The router software on your PC is only to make it easier to control the router (i.e. access it to reset it/change its settings/etc), so there's no need to do anything further with your PC or the router.

    If you're running Windows 98 or above on your brother's PC the easiest way to get the card working again is to physically remove it from the PC, reboot the PC so that it knows the card is gone, then physically re-insert the card & swich on the PC - the PC will then twig that there's something been added & will start to install the drivers for it. If you have the original driver CD then use that, although Windows will try & locate a suitable driver. Once the card has been re-installed then go to the manufacturer's website & download and insall the latest driver.

    If it's a wired PCI card then you only need to plug it in to the router & off you go; if it's wireless you will need to do some additional work on your brother's PC, but the PC should guide you through the connection process (once the PCI card is configured it will look for available network connections & try to connect for you).

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    so i will ahve to physcially remove it then,because i have no cd's with it.can linksys not send you a link to the installation and there no other way,because i dont know the first thing about opening up a pc.

    ye its wireless

    You might try to delete it from Windows:
    Right-click on My Computer->Properties->Hardware->Device Manager->Network Adapters

    Find your card there and right-click on it.
    Then Properties->Driver->Uninstall

    Reboot PC. It should find the card and install drivers.

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    i wll try that now,do i not need the set up wizard and cds annd that,if i do it the wat you said kommunist

    It might ask you for it but try automatic install first.

    BTW, what model your PCI card is? You can download drivers off Linksys website. For example, drivers for WMP54G.

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    iv done it now,the internet is working on both computers,i havent done anything with that link kommunist,what does a driver do.if the internet is working does that mean i already have the drivers

    how will it benefit do i make my network more secure i.e adding a passowrd or something.would i need the installation cd for that,or could i do it some other way.

    how do i check if i have a driver already on teh computer

    what does a driver do

    Driver is what was on that CD. If your card is working fine (you can get Internet) you don't need this anymore.

    ake my network more secure i.e adding a passowrd or something

    Login to your router from wired computer, not wireles one, and change wireless settings. First, go to Wireless tab.
    1. Set SSID broadcast to Enable
    1a. Set Wireless Network Name (SSID) to something like: jim4571net
    1b. Save settings.
    2. Go to Wireless Security tab
    3. Set Security mode to WPA Pre-Shared Key
    4. Set WPA Algorithm to TKIP.
    5. Type whatever password you want in WPA Shared Key. Such as 'Ineverbuylinksys'
    6. Save settings.
    7. Click Wireless MAC filter tab
    8. Select Wireless MAC filter.
    9. Select Disable
    10. Save settings

    Reboot your router.

    Now, go to your wireless PC
    1. Start->Settings->Network Connections
    2. Select your wireless connection and right-click on it.
    3. Choose Properties
    4. Select Wireless Networks
    5. Click on Use Windows...
    6. Click on View Wireless Networks.
    7. Find your network there and click on Connect.
    8. It'll ask you to select Network key - enter same key you put into your router
    9. Click Connect

    Once your PC is connected, go back to your router

    1. Select Wireless Security tab
    2. Select Disable on Wireless SSID broadcast
    3. Save
    4. Select Wireless MAC filter tab
    5. Select [FONT=Arial]Wireless MAC Filter: Enable
    6. Select [/FONT][FONT=Arial]Permit only:
    7. Click on Edit MAC list
    8. In new window, click Wireless MAC Client list
    9. In another window, select Enable MAC filter next to your PC address
    10. Click Update Filter List
    11. Click Close
    12. Go back to previous window. Scroll down and select Save
    13. Select Close
    14. Go back to main window, select Save settings.
    15. Reboot your router.

    Once your wireless PC connected to it, your network will be secure (sort of),

    Good post Kommunist!:thumbsup:

    what does a driver do

    The driver is software that tells the computer how to use the PCI card & how to interpret the data streaming through it. It's always a good idea to check for the latest version of drivers, because, like other programs, they can have bugs & other 'features' that are fixed in the latest verson.

    That said, if it works then don't break it - for now, concentrate on getting things set up how you want them, then when everything is working OK look for updates.

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    is it a must to put a password on a wireless network.


    is it a must to put a password on a wireless network.

    Of course not. Go ahead, make you neighbours happy! :-D

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    what do the neighbours have to do,get into my network,they have to guess the ssid dont they,and guess what channel im using,doesnt seem very simple.then again my neighbour fixes computers for a living


    what do the neighbours have to do,get into my network,they have to guess … what do the neighbours have to do,get into my network,they have to guess the ssid dont they,and guess what channel im using,doesnt seem very simple.then again my neighbour fixes computers for a living

    Mate, unsecured network won't stand a couple of seconds under attack. Secured network (WEP 64) is cracked in 3 seconds, WEP 128 - 7 and WPA take hours (so it is for really desperate ones). If they are using right tools of course

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    are you serious,what could they do to me if they got into my network,whats the worse possible outcome

    I am totally serious. Even if your internal network is totally secure(no shares, etc) they could still use your connection for their stuff. Would you really like'em to fill your connection with their traffic, say P2P?

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    what exactly is p2p, is that like limewire,what bad does this do to your computer

    Yes, Limewire is a kind of P2P. The only way it could do harm to your PC if they got some kind of a virus which can spread itself within a local network.
    But even if that's not the case - are you completely happy to pay for Internet access knowing that someone else will be using it? I am not that generous.

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    neither am i, set it up now.


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    i know this aint nothing to do with networking but can some one help me out with this problem,iv got 2 sets of audio holes on the back of my plasma,one set is in the component part and one set is on its own.

    i use the set with the component part for my xbox 360 because iv conected this through component aswell.

    and iv tried to connect my pc to the other set,but it doesnt work,it only works if i plug it in the set where the xbox 360 is.why is it doing this.

    and iv tried to put the xbox audio cable in the other set but it doesnt reach the holes,the audio holes are pretty far away.why is my pc doing this.

    at the moment i keep having to swap them over which is doing my head in!
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