Networking Question.

    For all the tech minded people on here. A couple of quick questions..
    So i have rotuer in the back room and a ethernet cable connecting to it which leads to the front room.
    Untill now this was connected to my xbox. But i have now purchased a htpc and would also like a wired conntection for this. After some reading, i think i need to purchase an ethernet switch. (correct me if im wrong)

    So my questions.. How hard will it be to set one up ? Is it as simple as just connecting my devices or is config needed.
    How do these switches manage traffic ?
    I have seen some 5 port switches for 50quid, and some for even 5 or 6quid. Is there any reason for the huge range of prices.

    Thanks in advance guys.


    I set one up at work the other day to connect two pcs to one ethernet cable in the room. Was as simple as plugging in and connecting the power. Nothing to set.

    You can get a good 5 port netgear one for about £20 I think.

    you dont really need a switch, switches are for big networks that transfer loads of data...

    correct me if i'm wrong but i think you've just got a modem, routers usually have 4 ethernet ports on the back allowing you to connect other devices such as your xbox and pc together on the same network.

    if i'm right all you need to do is buy-

    A) a normal router which you connect your 'modem' into and you have 4 extra ethernet ports to conect other devices wired or wirelessly.


    B) buy a modem router which you plug your ADSL (the square phone wire) in and it also has 4 ethernet ports and wireless capabilities. this means you dont need your existing 'modem'

    once you've got it, its as simple as plugging it in and it'll beable to share your internet on the same network!
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    Yes as dcx say just use a switch or old router if you have one about. If your buying a switch I would personally buy a gigabit enabled one if using it for HTPC use. They can be bought from about £14 last time I looked.

    Original Poster

    I have an old router, and have used that right now. Working fine

    @ noodles i already have a router. But dont want two cables going through the room if i could the job with one.

    I think ill use my spare router for a while, if i have any problems then i'll buy a switch.
    Thanks for all the replies guys

    I recently done this... Boss had a G range router that wasnt powerful enough so i brought a belkin N, set a cable in, plugged the 2 routers in now i have a great signal and most devices on the net now!

    Didnt have to modify any settings....

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    Well i am having some issues with the router. xbox is working fine. However one of the devices conntected to it keeps losing connection. :L
    I think i will just buy a cheap switch.
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