Networking with the Wii

    Hi All

    I have a wireless conn with 3 machines networked, is it possible for the Wii to view the shared files?

    All I want to do is view video files which I have on my laptop. I've tried using some applications like mydiskserver which is similar to gotomypc I think (where you can access files from pc) but they do not get along with me.



    I have networked my Wii, and as far as I can see the only way to get to files on the local network is by using the Opera browser.

    I think the main purpose for the networking is to call back to base for updates and Wiimails.

    Mine simply lacks the applications to access anything other than simple web pages. If Ninetendo decide to release a network capable media player, then that would help.

    Original Poster

    ooo I dont think I was clear.

    Im online with my Wii, can access all the www. You should be able too!

    Basically Im trying to achieve this

    Ok I am with you now. Sorry, I dont use that software.

    I can access pictures on my internal network by using the Opera browser, and point it to the internal 192.1.x.x addresses of my internal web server.

    I will have to read up on what that tool allows you to do.
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