never dim i as long when dealing with %

    apparantly this is a clever thing to type, I dont get it, anyone get it? lol.


    Drunk much?

    It's to do with declaring data types you would probable use double when dealing with percentages as that allows for decimals

    im lost lol

    I bow down to your wisdom

    Who said its a clever thing to type OP ? :-)


    Who uses VB these days.


    I'm off to c# my way to hell.

    Original Poster

    This was posted by one of my facebook friends who thinks hes a genius, one of his genius friends replied and said it was clever, most people wouldnt get it.

    i is used in accontant etc.
    Basiccally its the square root of -1.


    its just vb code....

    Well there you are then.... basiccally, lots of double consonants will do the trick. QED
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