never ending counting thread question

    i wanted to join in the never ending counting thread but how do you up load a picture,ok i bet some of you are thinking duhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, but i've just found this site and no idea how it works



    [url][/url] copy bottom link (IMG code) and paste into post


    [url][/url] copy bottom link (IMG code) and paste … [url][/url] copy bottom link (IMG code) and paste into post



    you may also need to resize to, not sure what size to, but i always make mine large which is 640 x 480 i think

    oh and as a new member your picture posts will go into a queue for a mod to check 1st, so they may not appear immediately



    640*480 is tiny.

    when i go any bigger, it stretched the page:oops: What size would you suggest for not stretching, and im on a 17in screen


    will try 800 x 600 next time and see

    Original Poster

    thanks everyone, special thanks to dcx_badass. this "mindless spammer " won't bother you again thanks again
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