Never guess what I found this morning on my garden wall

    A very cold & slightly wet


    A Compaq Presario 2500

    The hard drive was removed but it powered on & I shoved a hard drive in it & it boots perfect

    I did the right thing & called the police & it seems it was part of a burglary

    They were going to send an officer around but were really busy so I said I'd drop it up to them

    I feel like my good deed for the year has been completed early lol


    well done

    Wierd they dumped the laptop and stole the hard drive unless the guy had some data worth knicking, but still don't see why they dumped it.

    "I feel like my good deed for the year has been completed early lol"

    X) Awesome, try one a month now


    i know people who would of kept it, well done you

    nice one, lets hope the owner is grateful

    good for you,the right thing to do


    doubt it was a burglary but if it's not claimed in 6months it's yours afaik

    Probably another M16 agent lost 500gb of our secrets,but at least we got the laptop back oO

    Identity theft?

    May have wanted the various passwords and banking details people invariably leave on computers.

    Good on you. I like a good story with a happy ending. Well done for handing it in.

    brill, well done indeed

    You white angel was working. Alhamdulillah.
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