Never had a Netbook, Techie help ref. movie playback.


    as per title.

    1. is it ok to use SD cards for movie storage purposes to playback on Netbook?

    2. are the newer higher class cards going to be any better for this? ie class 10.

    3. my only experience with movies is DVD hence .VOB. what would people recommend would be the best format to save to for playback on a 11.6" Netbook? which software would be needed to transfer movies to that format and to play them back?

    much appreciated.


    lots of talk of netbooks that have a HDMI socket being able to playback 1080p to a TV. how do you get 1080p quality stuff on the netbook in the 1st place? whats the source? or we simply talking HD quality from the likes of youtube?



    I used have an eee 700 and that played movies from a sd card no prob

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    thank you.

    this wasnt just a bump
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