Never trust a woman

    A woman walks up to the bar in a busy pub and asks to see the manager, the member of staff says the manager isn't in tonight but could he be of any assitance?

    She leant over a touched the guys hair, and played with it, and said "when you see your manager can you give him a message for me". She moved one hand down to his lips and started stroking them and said "it's important that he gets this message asap". She put her fingers in his mouth, he started suckling on them, she then said "there is no toilet roll in the ladies"



    They rip you feckin heart out as well


    They rip you feckin heart out as well



    is this the broken hearts club



    is this the broken hearts club

    love em and leave em

    Ha ha, nice one..!!

    If there's no toilet roll, surely her fingers went nowhere near her lady garden, so there would be no chance of urine on her fingers?

    The joke would work if she said "There's no soap".
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