Never use the sun movie club arrrghhh!!

    As above - shocking



    any particular reason?


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    You get a two month free trial.... which i had. Half way through two disks got lost in the post and they charged me 60 quid!!! when i rang up they said if you fill out the royal mail lost form that we send you, you will have it back...still waiting for the form now. And i cancelled my free trial a week ago and returned the final two disks. They have now emailed me saying they havnt got these in the right time limit, even though i posted them the day after, so now my contract continues with them and i will have to pay them money again, 24.99. so for two months worth of a 'free trail' i will have actually paid 84.99!! It says free trail but they just rip you off so DONT DO IT!!

    are they owned by lovefilm?



    are they owned by lovefilm?

    Love film were carp!

    It's mymoviestream totally hopeless
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