New 3 retention deal for 3 customers ending their contract in December

    Freshly stolen from MSE:

    But basically 18month T&T 600 contract averaging £6.83/month or £122.81 total term cost…373

    December Offer for Retention on three
    Info might be of use to someone else seeking retention on three.

    I was on talk and text 600 (500 Xnet minutes, 100 texts for £30 per month), called a month ago (in fact a couple of days after end of the 11th month) for PAC and to enquire as to retention offers and I asked in particular for deals with no new handset. Best offer was 8 months free on 12 month contract, i.e. would effectively be £10 per month. Surprisingly if I wanted to change to any other tariff deals offered did not seem as good.

    Yesterday, which was the exact 12 month anniversary, and my billing date with three, customer services called, recognisable as 07782 333333 as opposed to any other third party retailer claiming to be from three, and finally offered a deal as follows:

    18 month contract on Talk and Text 600
    (500 Xnet mins, 100 texts)
    No new handset
    Total Credit to set against bills £417.82; i.e. almost 14 months free on an 18 month contract, credit applied immediately to my account.

    So cost for 18 months (assuming no spend on top of inclusive minutes and texts) £122.18, equivalent to £6.83 per month and nothing to pay until month 14 onwards.

    Unfortunately when three customer services called I was a little pressed for time for I think there might have been a little more to go for in terms of discount, but on the other hand to me less than £7 a month on an 18 month contract with no cash back claims or similar seems a very acceptable deal.

    Finally I asked how would they confirm I had got this deal, how could I be certain etc. Customer Services responded that the credit of £417.82 would be applied against my account within 30 minutes and if I checked my balance after 30 minutes by calling customer services or checked via My Three on my phone the balance would show the credit. I duly did and the credit balance was there.

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