New 30gb Ipod Video

Good morning all !

A girl at work here needs one of these by Friday.

I've had a little look but not really my field of interest.

Has to be new and [U not a refurb.

Any help would be gratefully received.

Can anyone beat play at £ 169.99 ?



you can get it in ebay for 139.99 + 9.99p&p buy it now
or cheaper deals of auction

You could go to ebuyer....they have a black 30 gig ipod ]click here £146.87,with next day del it would come to £157.54,and with friday del £155.09.

If she wants the 5th gen it's a bit dearer ]click here this is for the white one,£156.82...with next day del it would come to £167.39 and with friday delivery £165.04.

The difference I believe between the two is better battery life with the 5th gen,though someone with an ipod(I have creative myself) may be able to tell you more.

hope this helps:)

Have also found this ]click here black 30 gig ipod £149 at Komplett,delivery by DHL 1-2 days is £15.47 so that would bring it to £164.47.

Just another option for you.Have not used Komplett myself,but they always seem keenly priced.I have used ebuyer and for me they have never let me down with delivery.

Original Poster

Thanks all

Great help
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