New 32" HD-LCD

    I've been weighing up LCD TVs for months now and its always been a close run thing between the Samsung and Toshiba sets.

    Its now crunch time, i'll be buying within the next month or so. My budget is £500 (give or take £100 if the right deal comes along) so im looking at:

    Toshiba 32C3030D
    Samsung 32" R87

    If i can find a decent enough deal then i'd definitely be interested in other models too, especially the 32WLT68. 26" models are a consideration too, but only if they will save me £100 or so

    What are peoples opinions one the sets? From what i gather the 32C is the best in terms of picture quality but the Samsung's are better aesthetically.

    Any good deals kicking around on these? Seen some cracking prices on the 32C!

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    Id get this -- its what im going to get -- it doesnt have 1080p but then who needs that atm…170

    its the samsung 32 inch r88 with 3 hdmis
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