New 32GB Ipod Touch


    Not another one of these, this is not a deal, nor is it anything new.
    The new touch was released earlier this week along with the new iPhone and there are other threads advertising them.

    complete rip off - but then thats the apple way

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    more of a discussion thread

    and i recieved this email directly from apple 2 days ago so not many people will know about it

    Nice prodcut, but imo its too expensive

    It is expensive but you have to remember that it contains a 32gb solid state drive, not a normal hd like in the ipod classics.
    32gb drives are still new pieces of hardware and are still expensive to buy. So putting one in an mp3 player is bound to make the price rocket.
    I think that it is too expensive, but I'm glad they brought it out, just so I know it's available if I want one.
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