Posted 24th Jan 2023
We're on the lookout for a new tv to replace an ageing lg 42ld450 but there's so many to choose from it's unreal We don't need anything fancy as we don't watch an awful lot of tv but would like to move up to 4k for films and some xbox gaming.

Our current LG is 42 inch so 42 to 55 would be the perfect size. Is there anything around under £500 that'll do the job?
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    So you’re not going to get anything amazing for that price. And for what you need you might actually be able to save money and pick it up under budget.

    I’d personally say go on the Costco website and look at their TVs in the size range you said. They have a 5 year warranty on all their TVs and it’s minimal hassle where they generally tend to just replace without question in my experience.

    Anyone can buy from Costco online. There’s no eligibility criteria. Just a £15 membership if you don’t already have a card to use in the warehouse.

    For a cheap TV that does all the basics well including a bright clear picture, and sound quality that’s not going to leave you immediately needing to buy a sound bar, the Toshiba UK4D would be my suggestion especially with that 5yr warranty.

    LG isn’t bad if you would like another of them, but I would encourage you to not be tempted by the Samsung TVs - Especially the QLED Models. If you’re sensitive to any kind of motion judder you’re going to have a bad time with them. Also Samsung have filled their smart TV software full of embedded adverts too.
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    I would recommend Samsung UE55AU7100

    If you can get it at Richer Sounds for this price it would be a great deal (would need to call as reduced to clear).…tml

    Otherwise Argos have it for £449 (edited)
    That is a good TV, I was almost sold on it but with there being so many reviews and opinions on this and every other TV it's a minefield trying to find a decent TV to replace our old LG LG42LD450.

    There are a few other TV's in the price range that look great, Reviews are not bad too. That do you think of this one…H1F

    There's just so so many to choose from
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