new Al Gore speach

    Done at TED in febuary, builds on an inconvenient truth.…243

    please watch this video, very important!


    Thanks. That was an interesting watch.




    Can't understand people (mostly american's) who still refuse to believe the ice caps are melting through no fault of ours, and cite that Al Gore is trying to make money for himself, so what. I'd rather see money go to clean fuel than to dirty fuel that makes my damn asthma worse grrr. Need to put this slide show on my phone so I can watch it just before I decide to take my bike or car to work.

    Al Gore personal issues and ice caps aside (both are debatable but that's kind of a holywar, so let's keep it out) - your comment on fuel is interesting. You know, there is a very good website, called AutoBlog Green, so if you want to learn about developments in "green" motoring, take a look.
    I don't think that there is any kind of clean fuel available right now. The hydrogen produces water vapours and, as you surely know, the biggest cause of warming (if it happens) is not CO2 but rather water vapours from oceans. An increase in vapours won't help the environment. And that's even before the pollution for the complete hydrogen cycle is analyzed.
    The biofuels are scam, IMHO. First, it is still produces highly polluting fuel. Secondly, it might (and will) lead to food production reductions and the situation could be dire for poor countries.
    The purely electric car is a dream but it'll take a long time before mass-production of acceptable vehicles will begin. By "acceptable" I mean cars that do not require sacrifices (like G-Wiz and Th!nk) or very deep pockets.(like Tesla). The Mitsubish i-MIEV could be first of those but it is too early to judge.
    So what's left then? Well,,, not much. The diesels are becoming better and cleaner, so this is one way to go. The hybrids are gradually evolving into PHEVs, making way to full EVs.

    What do you think?

    I think we should get the space program working.
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