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Posted 24th Dec 2019
Hi everyone!

Probably the wrong place for this but worth a try...

I have an idea for a dating app with a difference... At least I think it's different... It may already exist or the main part of it may be used by current dating apps and websites themselves. Essentially, it would boost security vastly cut down and even eradicate catfish (hopefully).

Anyhow, I am after advice on where to begin.

I have absolutely no knowledge or experience with App design, although I am fairly good with computers.

As far as a budget goes, well, the less it costs to set-up and run, the better. I have a full time job working shifts, so something I can run and maintain in my spare time would be great, although I know this might be a challenge.

I get the feeling maybe I'm being a bit naive?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Merry Christmas everyone!
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Either start learning a programming language or pay through the nose to develop such app
There's a lot more to it than most people realise.

DB administration

to name a few things.

Anyway, Apple run some courses in store…153

If there are any near to you, sign up and see what Swift is like.

Or get on kickstarter / go fund me, dragons den, or go meet some VC's in Silicon Valley.
Conduct market research if you’ve not done already. This is vital in creating and shaping the correct product that your target market would want. You need to be sure it doesn’t exist already and if it doesn’t, what makes yours unique. (USP)
Good luck, update here on how you get on!(y)
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Catfish ?
It would be hard and expensive as you would need to host the app so you would need a server, also people could hack into it revealing private info. Also there are many other things to factor in like advertising and moderation as you would have to reply to emails and control what's happening on the app. You would also need developers to fix the issues and sort out all of the other things. Legal advisors for the t&c and privacy policy
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I'll be your first on the list to help you.
Thank you for your help guys.

Merry Christmas!
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