New Apple iphone 3GS battery for free.

    I bought a new iPhone 3GS battery for my phone. My phone couldn't be repaired as the old one had leaked so I have a new battery going spare.
    It seems a shame to waste it so I will post it to someone that wants it. It's unused and comes from China (as they all do). It's free and NOT guaranteed in any way.
    If it doesn't power your Mercedes or explodes into a million pieces then it's entirely at your risk and not mine
    btw if you want to trade me for it and feel generous then an iPhone 5 would be nice lol.


    I'll take it off your hands.

    I promise it will go to a good home and won't be abused.

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    ok. send me your name and address and I will post it to u. u do realise it's for a 3gs and not an iphone 3 as they are different ? you will need a splugger (bit of plastic to lever), a suction cup and a 000 phillips driver to fit it.

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    If anyone is interested I still have this battery.

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    Battery now gone
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