New Apple products (anyone following the keynote?)

So apparently there are new products, first a new iMac with integrated iSight, and home theatre functionality plus a remote, also thinner and faster. Second a video iPod with 320x240 screen and tv-out. Finally there is an upgraded iTunes 6 with music videos, Pixar shorts and some TV episodes for download. Not sure that the TV episodes will work in the UK though.

Anyone else obsessing over Apple updates out there?


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Just noticed the store has been updated now that the keynote has ended...

Check the new stuff out here:


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:oops: Hmmm I appear to be alone in my obsession.

Hehe your smiley even looks like a rosy red apple

I know iTunes is newly updated, does that help? lol

QuickTime annoys me a bit, as it places its taskbar icon in the taskbar everytime I use it, even after not allowing it to be included during start up.

I like the look of the PowerMacs, especially the 17" but it's nearly £2,000

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Aw thanks for the company rayman.

Apple computers are a necessary evil when working in the creative industries, it seems. Otherwise I could hardly excuse the cost. But you do get what you pay for as far as the design goes, and I do love the operating system.

Anyway, thank you for indulging me :roll:
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