New Arsenal Home Shirt

    Hello, the new Arsenal shirt is out tomorrow (29/7) and I am just wondering where the cheapest place to get it will be?

    Please would all other non-Arsenal football supporters please keep the jokes, such as 'the rubbish bin' to yourselves

    Thanking you.


    charity shop?! (couldn't resist)

    Best bet is usually Sports-direct or JJB though.

    Original Poster

    Yeah, their prices are £40 and £44.99 respectively, bleeding expensive, are there any other sports shops these days?

    Don't think so down our way, you could try direct at the club shop, although that will be just as high if not higher!

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    I've used a similar site before, they are decent quality but the only draw back is the fact you can only order a medium or xl.

    Thanks though, might get some bits of them either way


    Voted cold.

    Inb4 Arsenal fan predicts the treble.

    open an account with, apply code ZZ082 and it will cost you a shade under £24.


    Voted cold.Inb4 Arsenal fan predicts the treble.

    in b4 Spurs fans build log cabins so they can watch their team lose in the champs league and cry in peace.

    lol wut?

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    Thanks happysteveo, just ordered it

    buy my shirts from here…tml

    i got the new liverpool shirt with cole 10 on the back and prem league badges for £20 delivered

    before people jump out its a fake its not i actually taken it to a shop and its the same in every way no difference atall - the guys i buy from dont sell fakes they sell shirts that "dont make it throught quailty control " but there fantasic shirts very please and have been using them for 4 years now and they do shirts for ever major team in the world

    cool, when's it gonna be delivered for?
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