New Baby

    Having A Baby Boy Oct 14th. So much to get (ahhhh!) :oops: so any1 know anydeals on any baby things (cots, puschairs bottles etc.) much apprciated




    always seem to have good prices and 4% quidco too

    good luck and congratulations!

    Sent you a PM with some good freebie links for baby stuff

    Try ]http//ww…om/

    They have a sale on and are quite reasonable. I noticed the other day that they had some cheap travel systems from £69.99 :thumbsup:


    Hi Jane, just wanted to say that i completely agree with the others that and nurseryandtoys are the best places to go for baby things, and also have some good offers on sometimes that you can't always get instore.
    Congratulations - hope all goes well, becci.

    If you want good quality stuff, Mamas and Papas has an amazing sale on.

    We just bought a £170 pushchair for £85 and it is really good.

    Most of her furniture and bigger things are from this shop and would definitely recommend.

    lol congrats, u got me worried when i saw new baby , in deal requests:? , i thought u was after a deal on buying a baby :giggle:


    Sent you a PM with some good freebie links for baby stuff

    Couldn't send me the link could you. :thumbsup:

    my daughter is 14 months and i have soooooo much stuff that was used once or twice or even not all. Prams/pushchairs, radio monitoring kit, car seats, etc etc etc (I was prepared for the birth so we weren't running around getting stuff as we needed it, not realising we sould get some items as gifts). A lot of teh stuff is bagged up and just gathering dust in the loft ready for the time my wife sells it at a car boot (like she has been promising for the last 6 months!!!)

    If you are anywhere near Lincolnshire we could sort out a price!!!


    Couldn't send me the link could you. :thumbsup:

    Sure, not just one link, is a lot of links

    Check your local NCT branch. Our local one does a sale twice a year which you take stuff along to sell or go to buy stuff. They only accept items in very good condition so its a really good way of picking up stuff cheap.

    Watch out for car seats - just because they're mega-expensive or a top-brand doesn't mean their safe. Register for a trial of which [url][/url] - they've just done a review of child seats. If you think any old seat might do you may want to watch their test video
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