New Bathroom Suite - Where do I start?

    Hi, looking to knock the separate shower room into the bathroom and create a stunning new bathroom.... where do I start and who do I avoid?

    Any help would be appreciated thanks...

    There must be a lot of good tradesmen who have just lost their jobs as on the news so anyone in Birmingham?



    We have just finished completely re-doing our bathroom ... we got the complete suite .. 'P' shaped shower bath, glass shower-screen, sink, loo & all taps & fittings for same from Screwfix, I think the package was about £650 or just over. I must say I am delighted with the quality of it all.
    Only down side with screw fix was the delivery time ..... 4/6 weeks & even then we had to wait an extra 2 weeks for the shower screen to be delivered seperately. (This may of changed now ?)
    Their customer service is first class.
    Hope this helps :-)


    better to renew bathroom and shower as more value in them being in seperate rooms.

    It is worth asking friends etc for recommendations or use an online recommendation site like Checkatrade






    [url][/url] are the cheapest I have come across that still has good quality. I got shower screen, shower tray, footboard, shower, sink, toilet and all taps for £800 delivered. Did it myself and was surprised how easy it was. A plumber / tiler wanted £5000 to do it all but I did it for about £1500 including all parts (tiles etc.).

    There is good cashback from plumbworld too

    If you are planning to get someone else to do the 'work' and unless your 'loaded' I would avoid Dolphin Bathrooms! They gave me an estimate of £9,000 :w00t: & I was told that was the absolute minimum !! ( I only have a small bathroom as wide as a bath, sink & loo .. & a foot longer than a baths length !! )

    re supply-partner is a plumber and i have just bought a bathroom suite from city plumbing who wanted to charge me £166 for the taps alone! we went to PTS as it was recommended by a colleague and they knocked £58 off the price for identical items!!!!
    These are your local branches-ours in Warrington is so friendly and helpful-they are great-full of knowledge and always ready to give you a good deal!
    Vantage One
    82 Lichfield Road
    B6 5SF

    Tel: 0121 322 4700
    Fax: 0121 327 6727
    Email: Send an email to this branch

    BIRMINGHAM Gravelly
    Unit 63
    Gravelly Industrial Park
    Tyburn Road
    B24 8TQ

    Tel: 0121 326 0707
    Fax: 0121 328 1846
    Im sure they could recommend you a plumber as they ofcourse meet them daily!
    Hope you get what you want!


    better to renew bathroom and shower as more value in them being in … better to renew bathroom and shower as more value in them being in seperate rooms.

    Agree it's handy when you 'need to go' and someone is taking all day in the shower lol :whistling:

    We have purchased our last 2 bathrooms from homebase (2 seperate houses, not that we have needed to replace 1st one) This time we purchased the bath and the tionlet and sink separate rather than as a suite, works out cheaper. Plus If you buy it on 10% you save then if you have one of there spend and save cards you get a % back dependant on how much you spend etc... Also homes usually have business cards at the enterance to recomended trades people in the area. Worth a try, good luck…y=8

    Original Poster

    thanks for all your replys

    Don't you need planning permission before taking down a wall?



    Don't you need planning permission before taking down a wall?

    Not an internal partition wall


    Well obviously you would start in the bathroom
    and you would be sure to avoid carzey , nuttin worse
    when your foot slips doon the pan and your stuck

    having to phone the fire brigade out to smash it up
    to get your leg out it
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