New Battery need for Sony Vaio not sure which?

    My partner has asked me to sort him a new battery out for his laptop which is a sony vaio PCG-5L1M and the existing battery says VGP-BPS9/S.
    I have looked on the sony site which is obviously way over priced to make sure I was getting the right thing and my battery doesnt even seem to be listed.
    Can anyone help. Do I have to get the VGP-BPS/9 which I presume is now an old range. I have found one on amazon or one that is compatible with it but it got really bad reviews.
    Any help with a trusted site or make would be appreciated. Thanks


    I'm also looking for that battery. I would recommend you to get genuine only. There are several occasion where people got "compatible" batteries and it stopped working or even burnt. You can a get second hand one from e-bay usually from people who are selling the parts separately because their laptop is broken or doesn't work. It can take some time to find one.
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    Thanks good advice hoping someone may know somewhere i can get one. The battery has totally gone now and the laptop needs to be permanently plugged in.

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    Really weird now...battery has been failing for some time and the machine has had to be plugged in permanently. i used it like this earlier today, shut it down and now it wont even start when its plugged in. No reason to think there is anything wrong with the charger cable.
    Other than the battery problem the machine has always run well.

    I got my laptops battery from hong kong on ebay just over a year ago and it's still working great.

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    Sorry forget that completely bizarre its now working off mains.
    Battery light permanently flashing though.
    Anyone know where i can get a new battery.

    obviously overpriced

    unfortunately all the gen sony batteries range from about £70 through to £200, not sure how good the copies are that are available on the likes of dealextreme and ebay but might be worth paying the premium.

    btw did you use to have your laptop plugged in with your battery at the same time? This is a common thing that people do but it damages the battery and makes them last only a year or so.

    You should really only have the battery in when you want to use the battery as the power source. Pull the battery out and just plug in the mains when you're not in need of the battery, i.e at home close distance to a socket.

    When you want to charge it turn the laptop off and put the battery in, its best not to run battery and mains both at the same time.
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    That doesn't affect Lithium Ions, they should all just stop when full and not overcharge, also no memory effect. It's more just usage in general that slowly wears them down, can't hurt to do it though, for me though it's not worth the hassle.

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