New BBC trails

    A bit of a sneaky peek here:……a-8

    They're not going to be shown until next Saturday on the box.

    What do you think of them? I still miss that big old red hot air balloon!


    lol pretty cool, the surfing one looks more like something you'd see one sky one or something though

    and are those hippos CGI? (4:00ish) nice to see our TV lisence money is being put in the right places!

    I rather they hadn't spent a fortune on these new idents when they keep showing repeats and reality TV rubbish. Typical of people who expect everybody else to pay for everything

    Just seen the Elvis one on beeb1.
    He introduces sugarbabes, Noel Gallagher, Keith Moon, Sheryl Crow and some others.

    Very clever :thumbsup:

    Found it ]Elvis
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