New Beef Monster Munch v Old Beef Monster Munch

    Right, these so called new beef monster munch are said to be the same as the old ones from the 70's and 80's....

    I can tell you now that the modern ones in foil packets taste nowhere near as good as the retro ones, plus pickled onion were the same too. i can still remember what they tasted like as if it was yesterday!!!!!!!!!

    Anyone agree/disagree?


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    The flamin hot ones are far better

    plus part of Boots' meal deal

    rock on!


    The flamin hot ones are far betterplus part of Boots' meal dealrock on!


    Flamin Hot and Roast Beef flavours are damn great. it's been a long time so i may get some next time i go shopping lol

    Old monster munch = good
    New monster munch = not so good and I'm old enough to remember :oops:

    I've always loved monster munch & i can't say as i've noticed any difference.
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