new Bill & Ted movie!

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new Bill & Ted movie is here…610

Bill & Ted Face The Music is expected to be released later in 2020. Way!

In the meantime, be excellent to each other and party on dudes!
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Fingers crossed but like the actors we gave all moved on in years and don’t think the originals aged that well. But could be that I am now old.
This will be cringe now, as the kids say.
Frankie7710/06/2020 18:31

This will be cringe now, as the kids say.

I expect it won't be as "good" as watching the first one as a teenager when it was first released.

I'm sure Hollywood are aware that it needs to adapt to today's more acerbic wit.
2 hours a bowl of popcorn not having to think about the reality of what's out there, things could be worse.
seen a lil bit it looked really silly
Frankie7710/06/2020 18:31

This will be cringe now, as the kids say.

Could be bear good.

(don't ask me either)
TopTrump10/06/2020 18:48 ?

See what I mean? Couldn't even spell it right :/
I feel it won't be good so I'm going to watch it thinking that, hopefully if it's ok then I will be impressed.
Partytime, excellent
First two were most excellent, but after watching the trailer for the new one I'm really not feeling it
They seem to be getting rather excited on YouTube judging by comments on the trailer videos.
They do look a bit old to honest, and Keanu looks as stiff as a board and he seems to be just looking miserable, Alex Winter not a lot better, not even bothering with the character, and as some said, looks like Snape from Harry Potter (unless they're supposed to be depressed not having done everything they should have?)
At least Death is there

Not sure where they're going with this as at the end of Bogus Journey, they had pretty much united the human race, played on Mars etc. Now they seem to have done very little bar a 40 person gig. Even if time travel has changed things, things have always been corrected as every one has booths.

Didn't see Rufus, so is he in it (assuming he's not dead in real life)?

Probably going to feature themselves a lot and their kids, who now seem to be girls when they were Little Ted and Bill in BJ and seemed like boys there - unless of course they're the Princesses? If not, there's a future female reboot option for Hollywood!

I'll probably watch it, but to be honest, with the last film in 1991, they've seriously left this way too late.
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xenole10/06/2020 20:34

Didn't see Rufus, so is he in it (assuming he's not dead in real life)?

Sadly, George Carlin passed away in 2008. He was also in Dogma, one of my other favourite films, and a really acerbic stand-up comic.

I loved the original two films, but I'm a bit concerned this one just isn't going to capture the same spirit. Still, fingers crossed...
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