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Found 27th Sep 2009
I have to come up with a good board game idea for tomorrow. Any great suggestions! rep available, thanks!
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I had a game when I was younger (I know you wanted a new game but not many people have heard of this and I got away with it as a school project :whistling:) where instead of winning money you had to lose it.....1st to 0 won. Was kinda like monopoly but it had a casino in the middle....idea was to land on the casino squares...go to the casino and gamble away your money....each 'month' (round) you were given more money too.....]its here ...could be viewed of a relatively new concept????

oh right :? delete it then lol
Interesting idea, thanks rep left! Sorry about saying delete it!

Interesting idea, thanks rep left! Sorry about saying delete it!

lol no worries.....just thought the idea isnt very widely known

also theres thousand of scenario payday? I.e running through what happens in a month......could have holiday ones from going to the airport to returning? ones getting fouled, sent off like snakes and ladders?....when you think about it anything can be turned into a game...
Thanks a lot for all the ideas!
its called INVISIBLE.

upto 6 players, ages from 8

you sit there pretending to shake and throw invisible dice,then on the invisible board you take your turn going around depending how many you scored on the invisible dice,

the object of the game is to land on the invisible moneypots, the winner is the 1st player to hit a million moneypots.:thumbsup:
Great idea!
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