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    Looking at a new boiler can anyone recommend any of the big companies and how do there prices compare to local plumbers and any deals people know of?
    Thanks in advance


    big companies will be more expensive. log onto the gassafe website and contact a few local engineers for a quote

    Worcester Bosch head and shoulders above other boilers....

    All much of a muchness nowadays. Worcester are all about the marketing so appear best. Closest analogy is buying a car, 40k BMW can breakdown regularly whereas a 6k Dacia can go for years. I always recommend, pick a price point between £450 and £1300 then find two boilers within £100 of each other and compare warranties. Don't forget rad valves, programmer, filter, descaler, inhibitor and preferably a flush.

    Depending on location, labour should be no more than £500 for high efficiency combi swap, £700-850 for conversion. Important that your installer also fills in the benchmark at the back of the instruction manual and installs correctly as a lot of manufacturers can use this as an excuse to not honour warranty calls.

    Boiler wise, B&Q special for £500, (2 year warranty) midrange Ideal Logic+, Vaillant or Baxi for around £800-900, (5-7years)and top Worcester or Ideal Vogue for around £1200-1300, (10 years). Can be worth poking your head round Parts Center as they occasionally have deals on display.

    i work for british gas, best boiler is Worcester Bosch, best thing about going with British/Scottish Gas is piece of mind as " the price you pay is the price you pay" no other charges and you get a 5 year warranty with scottish gas with a new boiler install

    I have just had mine replaced, had a few companies out all pushing Worcester bosch, so I went on a plumbers forum with my own ideas.
    I went for the intergas eco rf, which is said to be better in every way to the Worcester bosch. but that is a different debate.
    always get a few quotes, I was quoted 2700 by one company, after I told them I had a quote for 2100, they immediately matched it.


    Worcester Bosch head and shoulders above other boilers....

    ​What he said. My Worcester Bosch Greenstar CDI is 6 years old and at the last service last month I was told it was running more efficiently than when it was brand new!

    Avoid N Power btw. They made a real hash of my installation. I had radiators put in as well which they put wrong valves in so they knocked a lot and then they installed a magnaflow which leaked. It took them 2 years to resolve but I still think they put wrong size radiator in a bedroom (btu nowhere near as much as was required).


    i work for british gas, best boiler is Worcester Bosch, best thing about … i work for british gas, best boiler is Worcester Bosch, best thing about going with British/Scottish Gas is piece of mind as " the price you pay is the price you pay" no other charges and you get a 5 year warranty with scottish gas with a new boiler install

    Unfortunately the price you pay is double what you should pay, so even if there are other charges it'll still be a pile of cash cheaper.
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    Our 20 year old boiler broke down a few weeks ago. We managed to get a Bosch Worcester Greenstar 15RI with flue installed for £1600 all in.

    Installation included installing 11 thermostatic radiator valves and power flush of existing radiators (house is 20 years old!) and their magnet picked up plenty of rubbish in the system so don't skimp on that's well worth doing. Took them 3 days to install it in total (including bricking up the side wall) and it comes with a 5 year peace of mind guarantee. So glad we didn't just throw money fixing the old boiler! House much warmer now also whoever installs it for you will most likely give you a discount on annual servicing so ask, we will pay £60 per annum for the first 3 years.

    Good luck! but well worth the investment. We will most likely recoup our costs within 5 years of energy saving (old boiler was a glowworm which came with the house!).... still it lasted us well but with two small children can't risk another random breakdown!

    I would say Valiant, have a look at diynot forums. Plenty of helpful advice on the forums.

    Don't be tempted by British gas.

    Based upon experience, their engineers are great, their prices for new boilers are outrageous.

    I think the top brands now come with a 7 year warranty if they're installed by an authorised plumber. Note the servicing requirements though, and make sure you add a magna clean in as well.

    Word of warning, many single person operations will cut corners you really shouldn't cut to get the price down. No power flush. No magna clean. Lower quality boiler. I've seen some installations where they've left things unsafe as far as the gas safe regs go because it'd be too much work to rectify it.

    And fit magna clean...



    Might need a bit of a clue there.

    Baxi-duo seems to have lots of good reviews, I'm going for a Glow-worm - it's the only one that can fit in a normal kitchen cupboard, so you can hide it behind a door.

    Worcester boilers are brilliant. have one at home and very sound! have just put a valiant boiler at another place and got the lot for 765 with 2yrs cover.

    i need some advice on a boiler and hot water cylinder combo that will service 18 rads and 3 bathrooms. got quoted £3000 by a local plumber, that's just for the hot water cylinder, boiler and initial fit. does not inc vales, or the actual pipe work to fit it all in as the house currently don't have any hot water or radiator system.

    Just had a new boiler and all new rads installed in a 3 bed semi. I bought the boiler. Plumber's cost £2,200. This included all new radiators, 9 in total and pipework and a magna clean. Ideal Vogue at trade price was £800.00. Comes with a 10 year warranty. Make sure you get it serviced every year no matter what you buy to protect the warranty. My guess British Gas would want best part of that just for the boiler.

    Just a boiler replacement and fitting should be between £1500.00 to £1800.00 depending on what your existing boiler is and what you new one is i.e. swapping a vented system for a combi or like for like. No more than £600.00 to fit a boiler on a like for like basis. It's only a days work and you can do a lot in 8 hours which is what you're paying for. May be different if plumber has to do some builders work if the boiler is going in a different location. Don't buy B & Q budget one unless you're selling the house and the same goes for any other cheap boiler from a builder's merchant. Go for a name you know and trust.
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